Reference Information

The following are useful resources for the development and definition of Haptics-e.

List of Haptic Metaphors

The useage of haptic metaphors in English suggest an astonishing variety of future modes of human-computer interaction. Could "PUSH" technology be a market for haptics?? fs

Resources on Electronic Publications

Description of the Los Alamos Physics Archive courtesy of Roberta Klatzky.

Rutgers University's Report on Electronic Publication and Tenure.: Rutger's attempt to make a policy on the value of electronic publications for tenure and promotion decisions. BROKEN 1/99

Electronic Journals and Faculty Rewards by T.W. Benson, Editorial in The American Journal of Communication

Electronic Publishing and its Implications for Higher Education a bibliography by Barbara Maxwell of George Washington University.

Bibleography on Electronic Publication by Charles Bailey, University of Houston.

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research: Organized similar to Haptics-e but in a crowded field

Copyright Resource Page (Tons of info on copyright with emphasis on electronic publication!).

I hope that Haptics-e will include an open electronic discussion forum focused initially on the organization and definition of Haptics-e, and then on technical discussions of the published papers. For a comprehensive list of possible software to use, see David Woolley's List of WWW Conferencing Software.

What the heck is "Haptics" anyway??

Updated Oct. 8, 1997
Blake Hannaford