Permission to Use Submitted Work

I _______________________________ author (and acting as agent for any co-authors) of the paper _______________________________________, certify that this paper is the original work of me and my coauthors, if any, and that I have not assigned the copyright of this work to anyone. I also certify that this work has not been published elsewhere and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

This certification and the agreement below applies to all original work submitted by me to Haptics-e regardless of the media or form of the work including without limitation print, electronic documents, video, audio, computer code, and haptic simulations.

I give permission to the Electronic Journal Haptics-e to use my copyrighted work as follows:

Reproduction: Haptics-e may post my paper on its web site and identical mirror sites which may be established in the future. Haptics-e will allow all readers of the site to read, download, and print copies of the paper for their own use in research and education. Readers of Haptics-e will not be allowed to repost papers originating in Haptics-e. I also grant Haptics-e, but not readers of the www site, permission to re-publish the work in a collection of works by all means and media now known or herafter discovered, including without limitation, print, microform, and CD-rom.

Modification: Once published by Haptics-e, the work shall not be modified by anyone except that Haptics-e shall have the right to modify the electronic format of the work for the purposes of effective distribution in such a way that does not alter the content of the work. I retain all rights to modify my own copies of the work.

Distribution: Haptics-e may distribute the work through any electronic means, and I further assign the right to distribute the work as part of a re-published collection by all means and media now known or herafter discovered, including without limitation, print, microform, and CD-rom.

Public Display: Haptics-e may display and transmit the work on its web site.

I grant these rights EXCLUSIVELY to Haptics-e with the following exceptions: I retain the right to contribute all or portions of the work to a collection or derivative work published by another publisher or organization. I retain the right to post this paper on a www site maintained by me under the condition that the posting contain the following statement with a link to the Haptics-e journal www page:

This paper is published in 
Haptics-e The Electronic Journal of Haptics Research. 
If the www address of the Haptics-e web site changes, the author will update the pointer included in his/her positing to the current one.

These exceptions shall not restrict any of the rights granted to Haptics-e above.

I understand that I may not submit this paper to another journal for review and/or publication. I may re-use material from this paper in other papers or works that I create, but no more than 50% of the material in this paper may be reproduced in any single work, and such items that are reproduced must bear attribution as follows: "Used with permission of Haptics-e, the Electronic Journal of Haptics Research". This agreement consitutes permission for use as described above.

All requests from third parties for permission to reprint material from Haptics-e will be referred to the Author. I retain all other rights to the work.

Signed _________________________________________ (author)

Date _______________________________